9 best ways not to lose motivation for training

motivation for training

Every second of us more than once started life on Monday: went to the gym, promised to do morning exercises and an evening run. For this, of course, I bought a new notebook, a beautiful form, a new bottle and a subscription to a cool fitness club.

But in a month, and at best, after two eagerness to become more beautiful, volatility, fatigue and boredom remained. Not seeing the results and finding a hundred excuses, you throw a sport.

To prevent this from happening, we prepared the most popular excuses for you from sports. You know the reason for the problem – it’s easier to eliminate it. And we also picked up some little motivation lifehacks that will help you stay in the saddle as long as possible and at the same time feel great.

Motivational quote
Motivational quote
  1. Find a partner for classes. It will be much more difficult for you to shirk from training when other people count on you.
  2. Get a professionally-developed, long-term program of study. The sooner you see the results, the more will be your desire to continue to do. Aimlessly jumping from class to lesson – or worse, from the simulator to the simulator – you will just wasted your time.
  3. Tell everyone you know about your fitness goals. Thus, many will be interested in this.
  4. Buy yourself new sportswear, sneakers or a sports bag. The desire that money is not wasted, will push you to get out of bed and use the purchased.
  5. Start to attend group lessons. Creating friendly relations with the participants will have enough influence for you to continue attending classes.
  6. Start a workout log. Mark your progress from the lesson to the lesson (or lack of it), it will let you know what you are doing right and what is not. You can also get a great sense of satisfaction by watching how your muscles grow or your weight decreases every week.
  7. Buy a player that you could take in the hall. By combining your workouts with good music or solitude, you do not want to miss them.
  8. Put your family photo or photo of a loved one in a sports bag. This will remind you who you want to be healthy for.
  9. Make a bet with a friend… or with an enemy. Contend that by a certain day you will lose weight or gain muscle mass and best of all, argue for money. Money can be a good motivator in order not to miss classes.
  10. Love your body!

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Popular causes of loss of motivation

  1. Laziness
    Just imagine what you could achieve, if not laziness. Rest is much better for you than working on yourself.

    causes of loss of motivation
    Causes of loss of motivation
  2. Reluctance to leave the comfort zone.
    We have our own way of life, we do not want to change the routine. And doing sports requires a lot from us: you need to go to the gym, wear a uniform, in front of the professionals do the exercises, sometimes wrong. At the first oblique glance you run away from the hall.

    Causes of loss of motivation
    Causes of loss of motivation
  3. Strength
    Hard? It is necessary to suffer a few lessons to get involved. Some do not stand up and throw.

    Causes of loss of motivation
    Causes of loss of motivation
  4. Short-term motivation
    Girls often lose weight by the holidays, and then relax. All fault is a short-term goal.

    Causes of loss of motivation
    Causes of loss of motivation
  5. Ill-wishers 
    “I love you the way you are” – the reason for refusing to practice yourself. And the fact that you are uncomfortable in your body, this is not interested in anyone. Yes, and a girlfriend instead of training to go to eat rolls, how not to agree?motivation

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