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Welcome to the heavy-body blog – a site dedicated to the complex construction of your body. If you want to look prettier, sportier, healthier, more modern, sexier and ready to work on yourself, you’ve come to the right address!

What are you ready to tell authoritative experts, coaches with many years of experience and, in combination, the authors of our sports portal? – first of all about fitness and bodybuilding …


Fitness is a set of healing techniques, which allows you to influence the shape and weight of your body, allowing you to permanently consolidate the result. The complex contains a wide range of physical training combined with an impeccably matched diet. It is important to understand that exercises and diet in fitness, in contrast, for example, from aerobics and shaping, are chosen exclusively individually, relying on your structure and features of the figure. Fitness classes are available to everyone without exception. It does not matter at all: what is your level of physical development, age, sex, health status. It is recommended for elderly people, pregnant women and children.



Bodybuilding  is a purposeful process of complex build-up and development of muscle mass by performing physical exercises using weights and eating high-energy foods with high levels of protein in an amount sufficient for hypertrophy of muscle fibers.

What is the difference between fitness and bodybuilding?

With all the apparent kinship and similarity of fitness and bodybuilding training techniques, the main goal of the latter is: the creation of a massive, extremely voluminous and immaculate muscular system in shape. The goal of fitness is: the formation of a beautiful, athletic, sexually attractive physique, as well as maintaining health and tone in the body.

In addition to purely external advantages, the bodybuilding and fitness classes add a lot of other significant advantages:

  • make you stronger and more enduring,
  • develop flexibility,
  • strengthen the heart and blood vessels,
  • slow down the aging process,
  • increase immunity and potency,
  • help keep body weight under control,
  • strengthen the bones and joints,
  • relieve stress,
  • improve mood,
  • give confidence,
  • accustomed to patience, diligence and concentration.
Physical exercises
Physical exercises

So, the main key areas of our sports portal are designated, however, our online resource is not limited only to fitness and bodybuilding issues. We try to cover the whole “iron sport” entirely. For this reason, you will find exhaustive information on other force disciplines.


Powerlifting, or, as it is sometimes called “power triathlon” came to us from the United States of America, and immediately won incredible popularity. In this discipline of “iron sport” athletes need to perform only three key exercises, but to perform them with the maximum possible weight of the projectile. At seemingly simple simplicity, in this sport there are many nuances about which we will tell you in our articles about power triathlon…