ABS training for the muscles of the press

ABS training

Exercises abs, for the abdominal muscles of the back muscles, will make your stomach flat, beautiful and embossed, after all, many guys and girls in the gyms are eager for this, most likely, and you dream about it, once you started reading this article, is not it ?

Strong muscles of the back and the press not only emphasize the figure, making it more attractive, but also protect against various injuries that a person can get in the process of his life (lifting weights, dragging heavy objects, ridiculous falls).

How to pump the muscles of the press

Pumping the muscles of the abdominal press, making the belly tight, is a very realistic task for any person, on the other hand, very many people are prone to someone else’s opinion, which tells you that it is almost impossible to do this without using a variety of pharmacological drugs, super heavy diets and other foolishness. Let’s deal with the training of the abdominals in order.

There are several main reasons why your press still does not stand out (not drawn):

  • Percentage of body fat
  • Wrong abdominal training
  • Genetics

Men usually accumulate fat above the waist (mostly the abdomen and chest) while in women, the fatty depot is basically the hips and buttocks. The best way to clean the belly, excess fat, this is as little as possible, and exercise. And here many problems begin, some people stop, there is literally, who feeds 1-2 times, someone does physical work, not the one that will burn fat. As a result, maybe the weight loss effect will be obtained, but it will, by burning your proteins, muscles, and not fats, because the fats will burn in the last turn, under the conditions that you created for yourself.

Anatomy of abdominal muscles
Anatomy of abdominal muscles

Forget all your diets, crazy exercise. In order for the press to begin to be drawn, you need to do all two things: reduce the caloric content of the food, while more and less there is (fractional food), and perform aerobic exercise. In general, read our section how to lose weight, you are there, will find many tips and recommendations that will help you lose weight.

Strength training on the press, various twists, lifts of legs and knees in the vise and lying, really pump up the muscles of the abdominal press, but it will be under a layer of fat that will not allow it to manifest. Read the article about coffee before training.

ABS workout of the press and back

Training in the power version of ABS (Abdominal – Back – Spine), that is training aimed at developing the abdominal press and back. In general, in principle, the achievement of any result, is possible only because of your motivation, which consists of purpose and character.

The famous phrase, “I see the goal does not see obstacles” is perfect for you if you want to really change your life, become more self-confident. After all, when you achieve your goal, it makes you stronger, your strength of mind is tempered. To have a flat stomach, a relief press, it’s like a challenge to you, a challenge to your laziness, a challenge to your habitual way of life, which does not provide proper nutrition, competent training and recovery.

To get the coveted cubes and strong back, you need the following:

  • strength training
  • balanced, divided meals
  • cardiovascular (aerobic exercise)

You need to train 2 to 3 times a week, ideally, when, rest between training will be 48 hours (such a long rest, will help you to restore all the strength, and train more effectively). All the strength exercises will be connected, one way or another, with the simulators, lifting the barbell and dumbbells, and working with rubber bands.

The next important part of all the exercises of our training will be cardio- loads, that is, loads that load the cardiovascular system, cause the heart to beat more often, energy supply of muscles occurs with the participation of oxygen ( aerobic exercise ). First of all, to such trainings, will include walking, running, swimming, jumping, skipping rope and cycling.

A girl on a bench raises her legs with a dumbbell
A girl on a bench raises her legs with a dumbbell

Before you go directly to the training, you will need to decide on the training, working weights that you will raise when there is a day of strength training. But most importantly, it’s your health, you can not mindlessly train, exercise with pain, your body must always be in the first place. Otherwise, you quickly fall into overtraining, awake, vulnerable to injury in training, in addition, your list of exercises to reduce, due to the inability to do this or that exercise, for example, pain in the lower back.

For example, if a 35-year-old man complains of pain in the back, lumbar region, then he is categorically contraindicated, such effective exercises for building muscle mass, like deadlift, sit-ups, that is exercises that can overload the back muscles excessively. In this case, it is advisable to use isolated exercises that are considered safer, in the case of the back, a good hyperextension exercise, or practice training on simulators.

Exercises for the development of the press

Exercises on the abdominal press, it is not necessary to do exactly in the gym, as many advise. If you do not have time to train a press for some reason, you do not have enough time, you can just as well train it at home, special tools are not required, except for a rug and a spacious room (at the end of the article a video with various exercises on the press, in the style of ABS).

Pay attention, mixing exercises on the press, training endurance and strength of the press, you can overstress it, shock. To prevent this from happening, always dose the load, listen to your body, do not repeat it to the press until a strong burning sensation, at the same time, do not be lazy, give all the best in training.

Exemplary training program for the press

Three workouts per week on the press, the duration of each not less than 30 minutes. Do everything at a calm pace, take your time, watch the technique of execution. Exercises are simple, almost all of them can be performed at home.


  • Rises of straight legs in the cross on the crossbar 4х15
  • Scissors 4 to 30-40 seconds.
  • Plank “Saw” 1-2 minutes


  • Twisting with a roller 4×20
  • Lifting legs from a lying position 4х30
  • Back curling 3×50


  • Rises of bent legs in the knees in the vise on the crossbar 4х20
  • Twisting on a bench with a downward slope of 3×50
  • Skew twists 3х50

With this program, you can strengthen and even pump up the abdominal press. However, if you suffer from excessive weight, you will not manifest it, that is, it will become stronger, stronger, more, but you will not see it, because of the thick fat layer. Therefore, start in this case, actively adjust your diet.

The first figure approaches, the second is the repetition. Rest between sets of 1-2 minutes (depending on your level of physical fitness), between exercises can be increased to 5 minutes.

Strength exercises in the gym on the press
Strength exercises in the gym on the press

Power for a beautiful figure

And the last, this is your food, from what products you will eat, will directly curtain your result in achieving a slender figure, and hence a beautiful press. If you do not change anything in your diet, at the same time, you will properly train, everything will not turn out exactly, you will mark one place, step forward and step back.

Perhaps in your family, no one is involved in sports, and accordingly the diet in this case, most likely, will not be healthy, not correct. Therefore, buy the products separately for yourself, and even better, impose your relatives a healthy diet. In the store, buy only quality products, always pay attention to the labels, see the composition, how many proteinsfatscarbohydrates are contained, whether there are preservatives, and so on.

Healthy nutrition, it implies, above all, balance, fractionality and reusability. Eat often, but not for a lot, so you will always keep your metabolism in tone, and the extra pounds can not be deposited. A complete diet, with all the necessary vitamins and minerals (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products), should become your habit if you want to have a beautiful figure.

Fruits: diversify their consumption, in the form of dried, canned, frozen and fresh fruit.

Vegetables: use as much greens, carrots, pumpkins, zucchini and even sweet potatoes as possible in food.

Calcium / dairy products: try to get 3 glasses of milk a day, which is equivalent to low-fat yogurt or cheese.

Grains: Eat 100 grams of whole grain bread every day, as well as various cereals and rice.

Meat: a high-quality protein (high biological value) in your diet should be very important. By the way, if you are not meat-eaters, then you can replace meat products with fish, eggs and seafood – a worthy replacement.

Salad, apple green, centimeter tape and light blue dumbbells
Salad, apple green, centimeter tape and light blue dumbbells

Why Americans are fat

It’s no secret that the US population has a very large percentage of people who are overweight.

Let’s list the reasons that, in our opinion, directly affect such a “healthy” lifestyle of people:

  • Products here are much cheaper
  • Very many people go by car, ignoring walking and biking
  • People who eat a lot of fast food, processed food
  • Powerful propaganda of harmful products marketing advertising on TV

Overeating, bad habit of modern people, along with smoking, it puts health, but no one wants to change, change their way of life, and all also continue, eat and eat, without end. And then they wonder why I look so bad.

If you are overweight, your metabolism is lowered, you urgently need to change your lifestyle, your diet. Start struggling with your laziness, which tells you why a bicycle, when there is a car, why walk when there is an elevator.

Change your diet, remove from it harmful saturated and trans fats, fast foods, eat fractional, often, reusable, diversify your menu with various salads, fruits, juices, vegetables, start running, swimming, performing aerobic exercise, start at least at least something Do it, otherwise your dream of a slender figure will remain a dream.

Willpower, character, motivation, this is what drives successful people in absolutely any business, be it sports or business. Therefore, if you want, you will achieve yours, no matter what, start from today to change yourself, do not put off until tomorrow, as many do, and then blame everyone except for themselves in their failures, in missed opportunities. So do only cowards and weaklings, who will never achieve anything in this life.

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