back and shoulder workout
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How to pump your back and shoulders

Everyone wants to be a happy owner of a beautiful figure and, no doubt, special attention should be paid to…

get relief body
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Secrets of rapid acquisition of relief

Tips on how to get toned up and relief body quickly using six diet tips and physical exercises from the fitness trainers:…

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The most effective training you have ever done

Who does not dream of a beautiful press? Morning jogging, pull-ups, going to the beach in a bathing suit will be…

motivation for training
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9 best ways not to lose motivation for training

Every second of us more than once started life on Monday: went to the gym, promised to do morning exercises…

injuries in the gym
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Prevention of sports injuries

Today, the issue of injuries in the gym worries many athletes, from beginners to professionals. Whether people want to lose…

pectoral muscles
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Pumping pectoral muscles

Many of you are wondering, but how to pump the pectoral muscles in the home, without the use of rods. We…

exercises for back
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Exercises for back: cardio and strength training

Fat folds on the back are a problem for many men and women. We offer effective exercises for slimming your back. As…

7 effective exercises for the whole body
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7 effective exercises for the whole body

Do not wait for the right moment to get yourself in shape. If you want to tighten the muscles a little…

training program with weight
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Three-day training program with kettlebell

We present a three-day training program with weight, which is perfect for athletes who want to develop strength endurance and…

complex of exercises
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Complex of strength exercises for muscle building

This complex of exercises in bodybuilding for all muscle groups, implies that your level of fitness is high, you have…