Complex of strength exercises for muscle building

complex of exercises

This complex of exercises in bodybuilding for all muscle groups, implies that your level of fitness is high, you have enough muscle mass to mold it, otherwise, for bodybuilding beginners, it will not bring any practical benefit.

If you want to make a variety in your training program, or simply support muscles in tonus, without significantly increasing them (for beginners), then this complex is also quite suitable.

How to work with a complex of strength exercises

The founder of this training complex, professional bodybuilder Flex Wheeler.

The main emphasis in these exercises, goes to the complex sets. They are often mistakenly confused with supersets, where exercises are performed without rest, on the muscles-antagonists, for example, lifting the bar to the biceps and press to the bottom in the block simulator.

In turn, for complex sets, the following combination of exercises will be correct, for example for the biceps: lifting the bar to the bicep standing, and concentrating the lifting of the dumbbell on the biceps.

Now you need to understand how complex sets differ from supersets.

In the complex under consideration, the force exercises that apply to complex sets will be used. Also, do not be confused, complex sets, with complex exercises, in the first case, there is an emphasis on the isolated exercises, that is, those who are directionally train one muscle group, while in the second case, exercises that include work several muscle groups, such as bench press the rod lying, includes in the work – chest, shoulders, and triceps.

And now we’ll go directly to the best complex exercises for all muscle groups (training sets), for bodybuilding, from Flex Wheeler.

The athlete performs in the gym an exercise: lifts to the biceps on Scott's bench
The athlete performs in the gym an exercise: lifts to the biceps on Scott’s bench

Complex exercises for each muscle group

The complex of exercises, separately works through the muscles, helping to maximize the shape of the bodybuilder, giving the muscles incredible dryness and relief. Read the article about training program with kettlebell.

Bottom of the press

  • Raising straight or bent legs in the vise
  • Back torsion

Top of the press

Bodybuilder Flex Wheeler on stage
Bodybuilder Flex Wheeler on stage
  • Torso elevations on an incline bench
  • Twisting

Toothed and intercostal muscles

  • Twisting on the block
  • Lifting the legs in the vise with a turn

Slanting abdominal muscles

  • Turning the trunk sitting
  • Torso rotations standing


  • Rise to the biceps sitting
  • Concentrated ascent to the bicep

Front beams of deltas

  • Thrust rod to chin
  • Lifting dumbbells in front of you

Breast Top

Exercises on muscles and Flex Wheeler
Exercises on muscles and Flex Wheeler
  • Inclined rod press
  • Inclined Dumbbell Dilution

Middle chest area

  • Bench Press Bench Press
  • Dumbbell cultivation on the bench


  • Bending at the wrists
  • Rise to the biceps by back grip


  • Foot press in the simulator
  • Dumbbells with dumbbells

Lower back

  • Deadlift
  • Extensions of the trunk

Top of back

  • Pulling the “head” with a wide grip
  • The pull of the block by the head with a wide grip

Middle back area

Complex sets on muscles and Flex Wheeler
Complex sets on muscles and Flex Wheeler
  • Thrust rod in tilt wide grip
  • The thrust of the block to the belt is sitting with a wide grip

Lower outer region of back

  • The thrust of the block to the belt is sitting with a narrow grip
  • Deadlift

Rear beams of deltas

  • Dumbbell cultivation in slope
  • Breeding dumbbells lying on the bench face down


  • French bench press
  • Block press to the bottom

Medium beams of deltas

  • Press bar from behind the head
  • Lifting dumbbells in the sides


  • Screws with a barbell
  • Lifting the bar to the chin


  • Impacts with a barbell
  • Retracting one leg back in standing position


  • Leg bend
  • Bending with one leg standing


  • Standing on socks
  • Rise to the socks sitting

For each group of muscles, one complex set is performed, that is, a series of exercises, which are indicated above. Do not perform more than 4-5 sets per muscle group. Rest between them should not be more than 2 minutes, if you “work” for drying, then it is quite possible to manage 1 minute.

Once again emphasizes for all the guys who have just begun their journey into the world of bodybuilding. It is not necessary to perform this set of exercises, it is designed for experienced athletes, who have a good workout experience in the gym, we recommend that this training program.

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