Diet for the stomach and waist


Diet is a temporary restraint of yourself in a balanced, healthy diet, with the goal of maximizing the results quickly, in this case to achieve a flat stomach and a thin waist.

Due to the fact that excess weight (fat) leaves gradually from the whole body, and not locally from a certain specific place, to reach a flat stomach and a slender figure, it will be possible only when we start to lose weight in general.

The best and fastest way to achieve a flat stomach, will be the combination of aerobic exercise with the reduced diet below.

Diet for weight loss: an effective menu

This diet for fat burning is suitable for all athletes who need a short-term result, for example, in bodybuilding or fitness bikinis, this is drying muscles, in martial arts, this diet is suitable for getting into the right category.

If you just want to lose weight in the long run (so that you have a permanent result), we recommend reading this article on the proper diet for weight loss.

Tomato red, greens, parsley, red fish and centimeter tape
Tomato red, greens, parsley, red fish and centimeter tape

Diet for a flat stomach and a slender waist

Day # 1

  • Cottage cheese with sour cream, 1-2 apples or kiwi, green tea without sugar
  • Salad greens, chicken breast, 2 eggs boiled
  • 200-400 ml of kefir / ryazhenka, vegetable salad

Day # 2

  • 2-3 eggs boiled, salad of fresh cucumber, tomato and pepper
  • Not fatty fish (example cite) baked, pineapple, and green tea
  • Fruit salad dressed with Greek yoghurt, a glass of milk

Day # 3

  • Cottage cheese, pear and green tea
  • Chicken steamed steak, grapefruit, fresh cabbage salad
  • Salad (shrimps with fresh cucumbers) dressed with olive oil, a glass of ryazhenka

Day # 4

  • Oatmeal with walnut, green tea
  • Cauliflower salad, brown rice, squid and pineapple
  • Protein Cocktail

Day # 5

  • 2 boiled eggs, cucumber salad poured with olive oil, green tea
  • A glass of kefir, a cottage cheese casserque without sugar, grapefruit
  • Salad from fresh cabbage, a glass of yogurt

Day # 6

  • Scrambled eggs with pieces of bacon or fish, green tea
  • Vegetable soup without water (watery), carrot salad with cabbage, avocado
  • Fruit salad (kiwi, orange, almonds) dressed with Greek yogurt, kefir

Day # 7

  • Oatmeal on milk, pear, green tea
  • Salad with seafood with herbs, a glass of grapefruit juice
  • Protein cocktail or cottage cheese with sour cream not fatty, pineapple

The diet is designed for 7 days, only three meals a day, of which lunch will be the most caloric. After we finished the seventh day, repeat the power plan. And so on until you get the right result in the mirror or on the scales, but do not delay this process for a long time, watch for your well-being.

Diary of nutrition, centimeter tape, pencil, vegetable salad
Diary of nutrition, centimeter tape, pencil, vegetable salad

The size of the portion, you put yourself, the main thing is to create a lack of calories in the body. At the same time, make sure that the weight does not go away very quickly (more than 2 kg per week), since very rapid mass stripping can lead to serious health problems and lead to the opposite result (low calorie intake, can lead to a strong slowing of metabolism, because in this case the body will find that you are in danger and will quickly switch to the maximum energy economy mode, in this case it is likely to lose weight by reducing muscle mass, rather than fat, so do it gradually).

We also recommend the article: What equipment do you need in the gym?

The main advantage of this diet is the minimum consumption of carbohydrates, we tried to exclude them from the scheme altogether, and at the same time included foods rich in proteins, in order to lose weight was due to the burning of fat, and not due to the destruction of muscle mass. As a result of the minimal intake of carbohydrates, the body will take ketones (glucose analogues) by oxidizing fatty acids (fat) from problem areas to compensate for energy.

Elevated levels of ketone bodies in the body have negative consequences in the form of lowering the level of acidity of the blood, which means that this diabetic diet is contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes, but if you are healthy, then try it for only 2-4 weeks.

It is impossible to gain muscle mass and at the same time lose weight, simply because it contradicts the laws of nature, in the first case, a surplus (excess) of calories in the body is needed, in the second there is a deficit.

Stick to our diet, if you want to keep the muscles as much as possible, and at the same time get rid of extra pounds at the waist, hips and abdomen in the short term!

A sporty girl with a flat belly measures her slim waist with a centimeter ribbon
A sporty girl with a flat belly measures her slim waist with a centimeter ribbon

Recommendations for effective weight loss

  1. Use in your diet nutrition principles of reusability and balance, this means that you must eat often, but for a smell. Portions throughout the day should be medium or small6-8light meals, will be just right, in order to maintain a high level of metabolism. Be sure to include in them complex carbohydrates, non-saturated fats, quality proteins, vitaminsand minerals.
  2. In order for the fat to burn intensely and the muscles to be in tonus, besides the proper nutrition, it is necessary to use aerobic exercises (running, exercise bike, swimming jumps, etc.), the use of strength training, at this stage is not effective, due to the fact that it Do not burn fat, but build muscle.
  3. Try to provide your body with a full sleep, usually 8-9 hours, it is enough to restore strength, do not go too late (from 00-00 maximally produced growth hormone secretion ). Overtraining, which can occur against a background of lack of sleep, will entail various diseases, a decline in energy, and of course no weight loss or muscle growth can be said.
  4. Do not forget to drink clean water. Water contributes to the normalization of metabolism, does not allow it to slow down, and also saturates the body with electrolytes, which are responsible for the normal transmission of nerve impulses, for blood clotting, strengthen the immune system and much more. Otherwise, if there is a shortage of water, the brain gives a command – a threat to life, all the processes that ensure life activity, slow down, fat burning is also natural. It is optimal to drink water, from a consumption of 0.5 liters to 15 kg of body weight, usually a daily dose of 2-3 liters. If you sweat very much, the training takes place at a high tempo, you can and even need to increase this figure by0.5-1 liter.
  5. Create in the body a lack of calories, by increasing physical activity (walk more, swim, run, jump rope, do morning exercises) and consumption of low-calorie food.
  6. Remove from your diet of harmful foods, especially those cooked on margarine, with preservatives and flavor enhancers, as well as carbonated drinks, fast food, and everything that is fried in oil (pies, chebureks, etc.), thus you will rid your body of ” empty “and harmful calories, which are not only directly transported to the fat depot, but also spoil the vessels, increasing the level of harmful cholesterol.
Results before and after diet and exercise
Results before and after diet and exercise

Well and who wants besides, a thin waist, and a flat tummy, still that muscles were in a good tonus, the relief and elasticity was looked through, it is necessary together with aerobic exercises and a correct delivery, to carry out also force loading in an exercise room

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