Effectively pumping chest muscles at home

pump chest muscles at home

The most effective training of the chest muscles requires the availability of sports equipment: benches, barbells, dumbbells and various simulators. All this is definitely in every gym. Those who for some reason do not have the opportunity to attend the gym will be interested in learning how to pump the pectoral muscles at home.

chest muscles
Chest muscles

Thoracic (pectoral) muscles consist of the following symmetrical groups, each of which includes:

  1. Large pectoralis muscle. Has a fan-shaped shape and is located on the front surface of the chest.
  2. Small pectoralis muscle. Has a triangular shape and is located in the upper chest area under the large pectoral muscle.
  3. Anterior toothed muscle. It is located in the anterior part of the chest wall.
Chest muscles anatomy
Chest muscles anatomy

The large and small muscles provide the reduction and bending of the arms in the shoulder joint, as well as the partial rotation of the hands inwards. The breasts are divided into upper, middle and lower divisions. Also, the inner part is extracted, which can be separately pumped. The middle part actively works with any exercises, and the lower and, especially, the upper parts require an accentuated load. Breast workout is very energy-intensive, so it can be used to burn excess fatty tissues. Read the article about abs training.

Home Workouts

A busy schedule of work, business trips, uncomfortable location of the gym, reluctance to engage in the team and a number of other arguments may be the reason not to visit the hall, but should not become the reason to abandon the beautiful and strong figure. It is possible to work with no less success at home. More important is not the place of training, but the diligence and purposefulness of the athlete.

Next, we will understand how to pump pectoral muscles in the home. Beginners often have difficulties with the design of the program, but as experience is gained, problems will disappear.

Training mode

On the question of how many times a week you need to pump pectoral muscles, the answer is simple: you can not train daily. Any strength exercises on the chest, performed every day, can harm a beautiful figure. During training, the muscles actively work and receive a lot of microtraumas, after which time is needed to restore the muscle fibers, producing protein, which will form a new muscle mass. Systematic overload of pectoral muscles will not give good results.

If the muscles continue to hurt badly, training should be postponed until the discomfort ceases. That’s why the optimal number is one or two workouts a week. The total number of approaches for all exercises on the chest should be from 4 to 8. For beginners, one or two exercises of 2-3 approaches will suffice.


It is quite enough to press regularly to pump pectoral muscles. In fact, this is a variation of bench press and it is also possible to shift the load to the top or bottom of the chest, changing the angle of the body. It’s not a secret for anyone that push-ups from the floor are an excellent general development exercise . Not only the pectoral muscles, but also the deltas and the triceps muscles of the hands are worked out, ensuring the proportional development of the upper body. In addition, the muscles of the press contract, and in the static position, the muscles of the legs and back are involved.

Shot of an attractive young woman working out

You can only limit push-ups, if you want to pump your chest at home, but there is no desire or time to do other exercises. The effect, albeit small, will still be felt after a few weeks of regular training.

Narrow push-ups

Push-ups from the floor with a narrow grip can be used to develop strength and work out the inside of the chest. The starting position in this case, as with the usual push-ups, but the hands should be placed in such a way that the fingers of one hand touch the fingers of the other one slightly. At performance, it is necessary to fall before touching a breast of hands, and before movement upwards to sustain a second pause.

Narrow push-upsNarrow push-ups

Push-ups on stools

A more effective way to push up pectoral muscles by push-ups is as follows. It is necessary to put 2 stools about the width of the shoulders. Take the starting position, as with push-ups from the floor, just place your hands on stools, and legs on another elevation, such as a couch or chair. The palms should be slightly wider than the shoulders.

Lowering as low as possible between the stools, perform 3-4 sets of 10-12 push-ups. Breaks between approaches should be about 2-3 minutes. If the exercise is too easy, do not increase the number of repetitions, it is better to use additional weights. For this you can use, for example, a backpack with books.

Push-ups with forward inclination

The essence of the exercise is to place the legs above the level of the head. For this, take an emphasis on outstretched hands, placing them on the width of the shoulders. Put the feet on a stool, a couch or other accessible elevation. This exercise involves the upper chest, as well as triceps and deltas.

Push-ups with forward inclination
Push-ups with forward inclination

As for how to pump the breast correctly, then, performing push-ups from the floor, try to spread the elbows to the sides to provide more muscle to the muscles of the chest, rather than triceps . Thus, you can quickly pump your breasts with push-ups.

Press of dumbbells lying on the floor

Another effective way, how to pump the pectoral muscles of the house, is to press the dumbbells. In the absence of an athletic bench, you can perform it on the floor.

Press of dumbbells lying on the floor
Press of dumbbells lying on the floor

Initial position:

  • Take the dumbbells and lie down on the floor.
  • Bend your knees.
  • Pull out your hands with dumbbells up, palms forward.

Technique of execution:

  1. On inhalation, slowly lower hands until the elbows touch the floor.
  2. Having paused, on an exhalter to lift arms or hand with dumbbells in a starting position.


  • Elbows try to breed in the parties to use the pectoral muscles as much as possible.
  • Lower your hands slowly, so as not to hit your elbows on the floor.

Finally, I want to note that the correct solution will be the purchase of a folding athletic bench. This will allow you to perform isolated exercises with dumbbells and help to pump the chest at home more efficiently. You can buy such a bench even in the online store.

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