Exercises for back: cardio and strength training

exercises for back

Fat folds on the back are a problem for many men and women. We offer effective exercises for slimming your back. As you know, fat deposits on the back go to the last.

However, special movements can help you build a muscle frame and burn fat. Be sure, when training, include complex exercises and movements that will affect the muscles-antagonists – the press and pectoral muscles. Also perform cardio exercises to consume more calories.

Exercises for slimming your back: strength training


Exercise 1. Pose Straps with traction

Stand up straight, take the emphasis lying down, put the palms on the floor, press the pull up. Fix the pose for 30-60 seconds, pulling the shoulder blades to the spine, and drawing in the belly. Then tear your right arm off the floor, and without changing your posture, do a quick pull with your elbow back, the forearm passes along the side, the elbow moves in a straight path. Then put your hand in the starting position, and repeat the leap from the left hand. Perform 10 jerks from the right and left hands. Repeat the exercise from beginning to end 3 times.

Exercise 2. Torsion restraint in the T-pose

Accept the starting position as in the previous exercise. Transfer the weight of the body to the right foot and right palm, the left foot comes off the floor, the left palm rises. The body should resemble the letter “T” at the extreme point. Fix the body for 30 seconds in this position. Then through the middle position, turn to the left side and fix for 30 seconds. Repeat 10 times in each direction. Complete 3 approaches.

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Exercise 3. Push-up and thrust

Stand on your knees, put a dumbbell weighing 2 kg in front of you. Draw in the belly, press away from the floor, turning your elbows to the sides. Then, while remaining on the knees, take the dumbbell with your right hand and bring it to your belt, repeat the push-up, and draw the pull from the other side. One approach of the exercise is 10 pulls per hand and 20 push-ups. Complete 3 sets of exercises.

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Exercise 4: Swimming

Lie on the floor on your stomach, tear off the shoulder girdle, and feet off the floor. Hands pull forward, pull the socks. Imitate the swimmer’s movements, briefly executing the swings with his hands and feet in a plane perpendicular to the floor. Do “swimming” for 60 seconds, rest and repeat 2-3 times.


Exercise 5. Full reverse twisting

Take the position of lying down, go into the Planki position. Then pull the knee of the right foot to the abdomen and a little bend the lower back. Repeat with the left foot. One approach – 20 repetitions with each leg, repeat 2-3 times.

Reverse twisting
Reverse twisting

Repeat all exercises as indicated in the plan. Train 2-3 times a week, alternating days of training with days of rest.

Exercises for slimming your back: cardio

In order to strengthen the process of losing weight, you need to add cardio training (classes on an elliptical trainer, and work in a rowing machine) to your plan. Perform them either immediately after the power complex, or on days of rest.

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Perfectly involve the widest muscles and muscles of the waist, group sessions for losing weight back – tai-bo, fitbox and other martial arts. In addition, they help to spend 600-900 calories in just an hour.

Swimming and yoga – perfectly strengthen and tighten the muscles of the back. Do not forget about moderate nutrition.

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