Fitness at home for weight loss

Fitness at home for weight loss



  • Effective Exercises
  • A few words about nutrition
  • A few tips



Sports activities not only improve the figure and contribute to the tone of the muscles of the body, but also raise the mood, normalize the hormonal background. Physical activity also helps to relieve stress, get rid of negative emotions and aggression. Therefore, sport is not just a whim or a pleasant pastime, but a necessary occupation for those who want to stay longer than fitness at home for weight loss slender and fit, but also healthy, with flexible joints, elastic ligaments and muscles.

However, not everyone has the opportunity to study in the hall or with a personal trainer. But this is not a reason to give up sports at all. It can be done at home in a comfortable and cozy environment. You will also have the opportunity fitness for the face to choose a convenient time for yourself.

Some believe that it is possible to train effectively only in the gym, but this is far from the case. The main thing is to set a goal and go to it despite everything. Fitness at home for weight loss can be at times more effective than in the hall, if you use the right techniques and exercises.


fitness at home for weight loss


Effective Exercises

In order to study at home, you do not need to have many different adaptations and simulators. You may need dumbbells, a rope, a horizontal bar. However, if you want, you can do without them.

To lose weight and give the muscles a beautiful relief, you need to fitness at home for weight loss carry out a bunch of exercises for each group. It is important to constantly complicate them or change them (at least every few weeks) so that the body does not get used to the same load, otherwise it will simply stop responding to it. Also, the exercises must be performed at least 3 sets. Here are some examples of the most effective and useful:

  • Low squats. Perform as if you sit on the low chair. The pelvis goes backwards, knees are not forwarded. 3 approaches are done 15 times.
  • Pushups. Such exercises have quite a lot of options, but at the first stage only two are suitable: with a wide and narrow setting of hands. Perform each of them in 3 sets of 5 to 10 times. These are the exercises that you need to do to the maximum, depending on your preparation.
  • The boat is lying on the stomach on the floor. Both arms and legs are raised simultaneously. The tension in the back should be felt. Three approaches are implemented 10 times.
  • Also necessary exercises for the press: twisting, lifting legs, etc. Everyone needs to do in 3 approaches a minimum of 15 times.

After doing the exercises, you need to stretch. To do this, just lie on your back. Then pull both hands as far as possible up, and legs down. It is important not to make big breaks between sets, the pauses of 30 to 40 seconds are optimal. You can breathe out after completing the exercise completely. Also, during training at home, you must always drink water, just a little, literally a couple of sips every 10 minutes.


fitness at home


An important condition for losing weight are cardio exercises: running, jumping rope, climbing stairs, etc. They can be performed at home, at the entrance or in the nearest park. Such exercises not only quickly reduce weight, but also have a beneficial effect on fitness at home for weight loss the cardiovascular, respiratory and immune systems. Ideally, this part of the lesson should last at least 40 minutes.

A few words about nutrition

One of the main factors that directly affects the process of losing weight is, of course, nutrition. If the mode is incorrect, the weight will not decrease, it will increase. Therefore, you need to carefully monitor what and when you eat. Otherwise home fitness for weight loss will not bring the desired result, even if you spend on exercises for several hours a day.

For some, the concept of proper nutrition is associated with a hunger strike and a rejection of favorite foods. This is not entirely true. First, the main rule of losing weight is just not to feel hungry. The organism in case of lack of food perceives such a situation as critical and stressful and begins to store fat for future use to ensure its survival. Paradoxical as it sounds, but in order to lose weight, you need to systematically eat (at least 5 times a day), but in small portions. This helps to accelerate metabolism and comfortable weight loss without hunger stress.

For weight loss should be excluded from the diet completely:

  • floury,
  • sweet,
  • carbonated drinks,
  • smoked products,
  • roast.

This is something that does not bring any benefit to your body, and only causes harm.

Products must be cooked in steaming or in the oven, with a small amount of spices and a minimum of salt. It is desirable not to heat fruits and vegetables, but eat them raw. So in them all vitamins and useful substances necessary for your organism are saved.

It is extremely important to comply with the drinking regime. Without it, the process of losing weight under any conditions will not be complete. It is necessary to drink at least 1.5 – 2 liters of purified water per day. This should be done gradually, per glass per hour, if you are not used to such a quantity of liquid. Water should not be cold. The optimum temperature fitness at home for weight loss is room temperature.

A few tips

Fitness at home for weight loss has many advantages, but it is not without flaws. You can practice when you are comfortable and do not depend on the hours of work of the hall or coach. You do not need to go anywhere in bad weather. If you want to practice, you can always transfer to fresh air. You can pick up music that you like. Do not have to be shy that someone is looking at you while doing some exercise. After class, you can immediately go to the shower and not get home in a stuffy transport.

However, there are several negative aspects. You have no obligations, such as subscription and others, so if motivation or laziness is not enough, classes can be postponed until later, and eventually disappear from your schedule. At home, no one will check the correctness of each exercise, if you do not have the appropriate experience for this.


training at home

A few useful tips will help you not only lose weight, but also at home constantly. In particular, it is recommended from the very beginning of training to find like-minded friends among friends or family members. So it will not only be more fun to deal with, but will also allow you to control and motivate each other.

If your goal is primarily to lose weight, then do not weigh yourself every day. You need to do this about once a week. The result should preferably be recorded in order to observe the tendency of weight change. Also you need to put everything in the special notebook that you eat. This is necessary to control all the high-calorie and harmful foods that “accidentally” fall into the diet. After all, at home, there is so much temptation to eat something forbidden! On the other fitness at home for weight loss hand, even if you strictly follow what you eat, some experts recommend once a week to afford a small digression from their diet. This will relieve tension and increase motivation to lose weight. This retreat should be reasonable. The main thing to remember: in everything is important measure!

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