How to take BCAA?


In this article we will answer how to correctly take BCAA, in what dosage, how to check the quality, and finally, what side effects will be observed with their regular consumption.

BCAA, one of the most popular sports supplements to date, among athletes around the world, which deservedly long ago holds the first position, among the list of indispensable sports nutrition for the gym.

Athletes often, in their diet, use various food additives, one of which is the BCAA, so we decided to figure out what they are for, how they affect the growth of muscle mass, fat burning, and the body as a whole, as in what dosages to take, with what sports nutrition is better combined, and how to check the quality of these amino acids.

You know from this article that there are 20 amino acids in all, 8 of which are irreplaceable, that is, they can not be synthesized in the body on their own, so they must be consumed in food, so BCAA, these are the same essential, only with a branched chain, to them such amino acids as valine, leucine and isoleucine.

Benefits and Harms of BCAA Amino Acids

BCCA plays an important role in building a muscular corset, simultaneously responsible for muscle growth, anabolism, and for anti-catabolic action that prevents the destruction of muscles.

Thanks to the fact that BCAA decompose into molecules in the muscles, thereby they contribute to the growth and development of muscles, improve the general well-being of the athlete, and at the same time they are absolutely safe for our health, apparently, therefore, they became so popular among the purchases in the store sports nutrition.

If we imagine that our muscles contain 100% of amino acids, then 35% of them will be in the form of branched, irreplaceable acids (BCAA). Therefore, the role of BCAA, in building muscle mass, is not exaggerated.

If we talk about the negative side of bcaa, then there are no contraindications to admission, except for an individual diet, various diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract. In other words, if you are healthy, then you can safely use bcaa, but do not exceed these dosages, because  Paracelsus said: “Everything is poison, and everything is a medicine. One dose alone makes the substance or poison – or medicine. ”

BCAA from various manufacturers of sports nutrition
BCAA from various manufacturers of sports nutrition

Be wary of counterfeits that can carry in themselves, various toxins for the body, because of poor-quality raw materials. Give preferences in favor of a foreign manufacturer. Read the article about Protein Cocktails.

BCAA in bodybuilding

BCAA, have undergone various scientific research trials, as a result of which, it turned out that they have proven effectiveness in bodybuilding.

With regular consumption of bcaa, the following positive effects are observed :

  • Anticatabolic action, protection of muscles from destruction
  • The percentage of body fat decreases
  • Increased strength and muscle mass, muscles become more prominent and sushi
  • Combining the use of other sports nutrition with BCAA amino acids, increases overall efficiency by 40%
  • Stimulating the release of insulin into the blood

In addition, there is another positive effect of using BCAA: when performing various physical exercises, increases the consumption of an indispensable amino acid glutamine, in turn BCAA amino acids are able to restore its level (in muscles, the conversion of BCAA into glutamine).

BCAA in bodybuilding
BCAA in bodybuilding

BCAA and energy source

Accepted BCAA, act as an additional source of energy in intensive physical work. When we perform physical exercises, the body tries to break down the BCAA from the muscles to the glucose to maintain the energy balance in the body.

In training and immediately after it, the concentration of BCAA is lowered, the body tries to restore it, by destroying proteins, our muscles, to the amino acid pool, which in all is individual, depends on metabolism. Now it is clear why the additional intake of BCAA protects the muscles from destruction.

Recent scientific work tells us that BCAA, mainly leucine, carry more energy than glucose during oxidation. And, according to the research, the level of leucine in the plasma decreased, both in aerobic and anaerobic training, thus, glucose and leucine are oxidized to ATP, but in different ways, which means that the athlete receives a double portion of energy, consequently, the restoration of the spent forces occurs more quickly.

Thus, it can be unequivocally said that the use of bcaa will be effective, as with weight loss, muscle drying, and when recruiting muscle mass, as well as in aerobic exercise.

BCAA as an energy source
BCAA as an energy source

How to drink BCAA in powder

Regardless of your goals in bodybuilding, whether you want to lose weight, lose weight or gain muscle mass, BCAA must enter the bloodstream before trainingduring it, and also immediately after training, it is at this time that the effectiveness of BCAA is maximized. In addition to all, BCAA amino acids, it is desirable to mix with a sweet drink, this way, not in a tricky way, you provide your body with fast carbohydrates, which will quickly replenish the energy expended.

The effectiveness of using BCAA amino acids will also be high if taken not only before, on time, and after training, but also immediately after sleep, to suppress morning catabolism.

How much is taking BCAA per day

The more often, and the longer you exercise, the more you need branched chain amino acids. And yet, there are standards that say that the optimal reception of BCAA 1-3 times a day4-8 gramsper serving, depending on your need, intensity of training. Very often, on the shelves of sports nutrition, one can meet not honest producers, who intentionally, underestimate the concentration of branched chain amino acids in one portion. Therefore, always look at the composition of the banks with BCAA, the quantity and quality of servings should match the price (buy well-known, time-tested foreign brands of sports nutrition:

  • BSN
  • Optimum Nutrition
  • Weider
  • Dymatize
  • Ultimate Nutrition
  • Gaspari Nutrition

How to check the quality of BCAA

Unlike creatine, which is consumed with intermittent breaks, BCAA amino acids, can be taken continuously, throughout life. And by combining BCAA with various products of sports nutrition, such as creatine, protein, geyner, pre-training, anabolic complexes, you increase the overall value of sports supplements, which can not not affect the growth of muscle mass.

Quality control of BCAA
Quality control of BCAA

First of all, you should pay attention to the integrity of the package and the expiration date. If everything is fine, go to the next step, try to dissolve in the water branched chain amino acids, if they are high-quality, then they will dissolve poorly in water, forming stones, while a film appears on the surface.

The taste of branched chain amino acids is bitter, the color should be the same as in the description on the label.

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