Pumping pectoral muscles

pectoral muscles

Many of you are wondering, but how to pump the pectoral muscles in the home, without the use of rods. We offer exercises for pumping your pectoral muscles.

How to pump up the chest at home

So, what is needed in order to pump the pectoral muscles of the house:

First, it is the  right diet, which will promote the growth of your muscles and will not allow you to grow the amount of subcutaneous fat in your body. If we let fat take possession of our body, then you will not be able to see your pectoral muscles. So, start eating right.

Secondly, you need constant training, 2 – 3 times a week, which will include a variety of exercise options.

Swing pectoral muscles

1) Wiring with dumbbells

Starting position: The legs are placed much wider than the shoulders. Dumbbells lift above yourself: the arms are slightly bent at the elbows, the palms look at each other. Without changing the angle of the fold, lower the dumbbells to the sides and down a wide arc. Without delay, return to the starting position. We do 8 repetitions. Do not lower the dumbbells, rest 15 seconds and do as many repetitions as you can. Have a rest 15 more seconds and have gone further.

Wiring with dumbbells
Wiring with dumbbells
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2) Press of dumbbells

Starting position: Unroll dumbbells in a line, palms – from yourself. Bending your arms in your elbows, lower your dumbbells to your chest, leaving your forearms parallel to each other. With a powerful movement, press the dumbbells upward. Repeat as much as you can. Then, without lowering the dumbbells, rest for 15 seconds and try to squeeze out a few more repetitions. Hold the dumbbells above you for another 15 seconds, lower them to the floor, and go to exercise 3. Read the article about Prevention of sports injuries.

Press of dumbbells
Press of dumbbells

3) Push-ups with a wide setting of hands

Starting position: Take an emphasis lying, putting your palms a distance twice as wide as your shoulders. Press as much as you can. Rest for 15 seconds. Continue to push in the same mode (maximum push-ups – rest 15 seconds), until it expires 5 minutes of training time.

Push-ups with a wide setting of hands
Push-ups with a wide setting of hands

Types of push-ups

1. Standard push-ups

Do not be lazy, start squeezing off the floor! Hands should be at shoulder level. Repeat 10-15 times, between the approaches rest for 1-2 minutes. Pressing through the day, after 2 weeks you will see positive results. But do not be very proud, it’s just a start.

2. Alternative push-ups

Take an emphasis lying down and squeeze once, then put your right hand as close to the left as possible. Next – put the left to the same level as the left shoulder. Squeeze again. Now move your left hand as close as possible to the right, then put your right hand to the shoulder level. Again, push back. With this complex exercise, you replace two whole push-ups. Believe me, your chest will appreciate it.

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3. Push-ups with a narrow grip

In the limit of lying hands put so that the thumbs touch each other. Do 10 to 15 repetitions, resting between sets of 2 minutes. Remember triceps – they should be swung along with the muscles of the chest.

Push-ups with a narrow grip
Push-ups with a narrow grip

4. Push-ups with support

By this point, the fat on your chest was added to the long-awaited muscles. It’s time for new exercises. You’ll need a floor box. Take an emphasis lying down and put one hand just on the floor, and the second – on the dais. In this situation, you need to do 4 approaches, in each – 15 push-ups on each of the hands. You can rest only 1-2 minutes.

5. Replacement of hands

The left hand should be laid on the box in the rest position. Now, try to lift the body until the right one becomes completely straight. Then change your hands in places and do the same exercises. Do 4 sets of 15 push-ups.

6. Jumping on the hands

During the lifting of the body, immediately move your hands from the box to the floor, and then vice versa – return them to their original position.

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