The core muscles and the urgency of their training

core muscles

Previously, this concept was very few people know, because such terms were found only in specialized publications. Today such information has become widely available, and its use helps in achieving high results in sports and bodybuilding. Our article covers issues related to the muscles of the core – their functions, location and significance, as well as the main types of exercises to strengthen them.

Core muscles
Core muscles

What is the muscle of the bark

The muscles of the coreare a set of deeply located muscles, the main function of which is to maintain the spine, pelvis and hips in a stable position. The core retains the internal organs, forms a posture, serves as a transmission link of forces for any movements of the hands and feet. Read the article about exercise vacuum.

Complex of muscles of the bark includes:

  • straight, transverse, oblique muscles of the press;
  • The muscles that lead up, as well as the musculature of the back of the thighs;
  • glutes – medium and small;
  • lumbosacral fascia;
  • subacute and beak-brachial.
Core muscles
Core muscles

Core forms a kind of corset under the “clothes” of the superficial muscles. It does not significantly affect the muscular relief, but with its poor development, training of other muscle groups will not be effective. Moreover, with a weak core, the risk of injuries in force training is very high. This is due to the fact that all motor impulses during exercises are transmitted through the muscles of the core, and if they are weak and can not compensate for the high load, it is fed directly to the spine and joints, injuring them.

Strengthening the crust is a priority

Knowing what core muscles are and what role they play, it is impossible not to admit that their training should be a priority for everyone who cares about their physical form.

Many beginners make a serious mistake, coming to the gym with zero preparation and immediately grabbing for the big weights. With this behavior, the desire to quickly grow musculature often turns into back and joint injuries. And the main reason for this is the weakness of muscle stabilizers.

It is noticed that people who train with their own weight, traumas in training almost never get. This is due to the fact that exercises with their weight perfectly contribute to strengthening the muscles of the bark. And if, having reached a good physical shape with the help of such exercises, come into the hall, then when working with iron the risk of injury will be minimal. A strong core protects the spine and hip joints from the traumatic effects of high loads.

With any strength training exercise, the muscles of the bark are first included in the work, and already through them the effort is transferred to the hands or feet and is applied to the projectile. To achieve progress in training, the load must be systematically increased, and hence, with every increase in the load, the demands on the strength of the stabilizing muscles also increase. Therefore, the core must be constantly strengthened. It is necessary that their strengths outstrip the level of fitness of other muscles. Only with this condition can you ensure maximum protection from injury.

Сore muscles exercise
Сore muscles exercise

Therefore, you need to pump the muscles of the bark to everyone – and those who are just going to come to the gym, and those who have already achieved high results in bodybuilding.

But the prevention of injuries in training is not the only reason to strengthen the core. Benefits from these exercises will be given to those who are far from power sports and bodybuilding. After all, strong stabilizers contribute to the formation of a correct posture – a very important component of the beauty of the figure. In addition, exercises for this complex of muscles heal the spine, stimulate the bowels, improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs, and have a general health improvement effect.

Basic principles of training

Exercises on the muscles of the core, mainly static. Their essence is to keep certain positions of the body to the full fatigue of the muscles. This feature is due to the fact that the stabilizing muscles are not designed to control the limbs, but mainly to keep the static postures, which is required for static training.

The basic principles of training muscle stabilizers are no different from the strength training of other muscle groups:

  • To build up strength, each approach in the exercise should result in a burning sensation in the muscles, when the exercise can no longer be continued.
  • The number of approaches in each exercise is from 2 to 4, with an interval of no more than 1 minute.
  • It is necessary to monitor the correctness of the exercise, because incorrect actions can reduce the effectiveness of training and even harm.
  • If the execution does not cause difficulties, then the exercise must be complicated.
  • It is necessary to pay equal attention to training all the muscles of the bark, so that the muscular corset develops evenly. Otherwise, the vertebral column will experience deforming loads, which is fraught with injuries.
  • Each training should start warming up, and finish – stretching the muscular system.
  • Strength training should be combined with moderate cardiovascular exercises.
  • Food should be balanced, containing the optimal amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals.
  • The training program needs to be updated periodically, increasing its intensity – changing and complicating the exercises, increasing the number of approaches, reducing the intervals.
  • It is necessary to adhere to the optimal drinking regime.

Although training the muscles of the bark and contributes to better posture, but this does not happen automatically, the correct position of the spine and shoulders should be maintained by strong-willed effort until it becomes a habit.

Exercises at home

What are good exercises for the development of the bark, so this is because for their implementation requires a bit of free space on the floor and nothing more. However, the presence of a fitball will be a big plus, since it requires balancing, which loads stabilizers even more efficiently.


No exercise is better in the ratio of simplicity and efficiency than the usual, familiar to all the bar. It is important only that it really is a bar, not an arc or an angle. The correctness of the execution can be checked by putting a stick on the back.

Plank is suitable for people with any level of physical fitness. The untrained survive it for 30 seconds, the trained one for 2 minutes or more, and the benefits for both will be the same. For complication it is possible to apply variants with the use of fitball, with the raising of the arm, the leg, at the same time the arm and the opposite leg.

The same applies to the side bar, which you can complicate by putting on the top side a weighting agent. Well work out the oblique muscles of the torsion press in the side lath. It is important to remember that the side bar, as well as the “asymmetrical” views of the straight bar, must be performed on both sides in the same number of approaches.

The bridges

This exercise is also called the gluteal bridge. When performing it, you need to make sure that the hull and thighs are in line, and that the muscles of the buttocks, the backs are strained more than the front of the thigh. You can complicate the bridge by lifting your leg or putting both feet on the fitball.

Exercises in the gym

In the room on the simulators, you can also do exercises for the muscles of the bark. In particular, this is hyperextension and its complicated version with a weighting agent on the scapular region. Hyperextension should be performed slowly, not sweepingly, without excessive flexion in the waist.

Сore muscles exercise
Сore muscles exercise

The driving muscles of the hip, which are part of the musculature of the core, develop well on the foot rest simulator. When you work on it, the muscles of the pelvic floor are also included in the work, which improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, and in men it serves as a prophylaxis for prostatitis.

Training aimed at developing the muscles of the bark, do not require any shells and do not take much time. To fulfill them, only self-discipline is needed. After only 2-3 months, you can feel and see a noticeable improvement in your physical form. During this time, not only the body will prepare for higher physical loads, but also become a habit of systematic training. This will help to quickly adapt to the exercises in the gym and successfully continue building the body of your dreams.

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