The most common misconceptions about ABS training

abs training

A flat stomach  and pumped abs muscles with clearly traced cubes is as rare as often there are various kinds of erroneous opinions and harmful tips for achieving such results. Training presses have overgrown with a huge number of myths, which are worth debunking.


Achieving a relief press, athletes arrange long, exhausting workouts, do exercises with a large number of repetitions, pump separately the upper, lower and medium press, perform strange in appearance exercises, but the coveted cubes do not appear. Even stranger things are done by beginners, who spend hours rocking the press, wanting to quickly convert one ball into six cubes, and constantly groaning: “I pump the press, and the fat does not go away.” We collected the most popular myths about training the muscles of the stomach and we hasten to refute them. Read the article about Training on an bike simulator.

ABS muscles anatomy
ABS muscles anatomy

Myth number 1: separation of the press on the upper and lower

In fact, there are only straight and oblique abdominal muscles. When pumping the press, only one straight muscle works. To get the cubes, you need to achieve its hypertrophy, build up additional fibers. When performing any exercise on the press, the whole muscle will work. The athlete can only shift the focus to the upper or lower abdomen, but it is impossible to isolate them because the press is one single muscle. The fact that the cubes in the lower abs are much harder to achieve, speaks more about the thickness of the fat layer, and even the most effective exercises on the press will not help fight it.

Myth number 2: exercises on the press will help reduce the stomach

This confusion is pure classics. How many people, selflessly rocking the press at home for the sake of reducing the stomach, lost faith in the sport, not seeing the desired results. Can I clean my stomach by shaking the press? The fact is that the large abs and unaesthetic folds are an excess of adipose tissue. Influence on him, doing exercises on the press, will not work.

Diet will help clean the stomach
Diet will help clean the stomach

The maximum that will come out of this venture – a person will have strong and beautiful abs muscles, buried under a layer of fat. If there is a problem of excess weight, in addition to exercise, a diet is needed to clean the stomach and make the figure as a whole more slender and smart.

Myth # 3: only daily pumping and numerous repetitions will help to achieve the dice

It is worth examining that the press is a muscle that does not differ much from the others, so it has the same laws as the rest of the muscles of the human body. No one in their right minds is comfortable with daily leg training, so why do you need to rock the press every day? To draw cubes, you need muscle hypertrophy, which, in turn, requires a reasonable alternation of exercise and rest. Daily pumping of the press will give the opposite effect.

As for the large number of repetitions, this is also not the most reasonable approach. Training press on the relief will not be more effective from the fact that the athlete will do the exercise for 40-50 times. It is necessary to proceed again from the fact that the rectus muscle of the abs is not unique at all, so it is necessary to “take” it by the quality of the exercises, and not by their quantity. Watch for technique, breathe properly, add weight – this approach will bring much more benefit than dozens of thoughtless repetitions.

Myth # 4: twisting is the best exercise for working out the press

The use of twists is not going to be denied, but to consider them the best is wrong. Studies have shown that the most effective way to pump a press is to perform exercises in which the muscles of the press work in conjunction with the flexor of the hip joint. Lifting the legs in the vise, as well as lifting the legs or body on an incline bench proved to be much more effective than the usual twists. By the way, the orbitrack and the exercise bike also work out the muscles of the press.

Myth # 5: a well-trained press is only aesthetics

Certainly, an ideal stomach with cubes is a subject of pride for its owner. However, to consider that it is only necessary for beauty is fundamentally wrong. The abs is a kind of protective framework for internal organs. The degree of its development depends on their proper location and functioning. In addition, the press participates in many physiological processes.

Myth # 6: Myostimulators will replace the training of the press

As it would be good: you lie on the couch, and your muscles at this time are trained. Not in this universe! The advertised electronic stimulators can not make the muscle contract so much that it takes it as a workout. Such devices are designed for people with loss of mobility, for those whose muscles are partially atrophied. A healthy and mobile person needs to train muscles, regularly and in good faith doing the exercises.

Myostimulators for the muscles of the press
Myostimulators for the muscles of the press


The above misconceptions about the abs muscles are the most common. So what to do to get the coveted cubes? In theory, everything is simple: you need to perform regular and high-quality exercises on the press and reduce the percentage of fat tissue in the body. The second most often prevents us from seeing a beautiful belly. Competent drying plus reasonable training is all that is needed for a beautifully traced press.

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