Three-day training program with kettlebell

training program with weight

We present a three-day training program with weight, which is perfect for athletes who want to develop strength endurance and functionality of the inflated muscles.

The method is based on the German athletes training system, called Germans Volume Training (GVT) or the German high-volume training, thanks to which it is possible to recruit, including the bodybuilder, 5 kg of lean muscle mass, naturally with adequate nutrition and recovery.

Training program with weight

Just 3 days of training a week, and 6 effective exercises, correctly combining them with each other, you can achieve excellent results.

The training plan is broken down as follows:

  • Monday – the program number 1
  • Wednesday – program number 2
  • Friday – the program number 1

The first figure approaches, the second is the repetition.

Program №1

  • Squats with weights (dumbbells before the chest) 10×5
  • Makhi with one weight 10×5 *
  • Mill with weights (alternately with each hand) 3х5

Program №2

  • Weighing dumbbell with one hand 10×5 **
  • Lifting weights to the chin 10х5
  • Turkish lift 3х5 (left and right hand)

* can be replaced with a fly with two weights.
** can be replaced by a simultaneous press of two weights, with two hands.

Training with maximum weight

Correctly executed on the technique, a heavy approach to one repetition, is contrary to popular belief, an extremely effective method of obtaining massive and strong muscles. Here are two different ways in which this set of sets (approaches) is applied in one repetition.

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Rest-pause method: the athlete takes the maximum weight, which he can raise for 2-3 repetitions. The exercise of this exercise will be considered complete until a complete muscle failure occurs, the ability to perform even one repetition is technically correct. Rest between micro-series is 10-15 seconds.

The method of high-volume training : the athlete takes the working weight at the rate of 90% of the maximum, and performs 5 repetitions with it, with a rest of 10-15 seconds between the approaches. As in the first variant, the training will be considered complete when there is a complete refusal of the muscles (inability to perform a technically correct exercise for one repetition).

Shoes for training

Most athletes, bodybuilders in the gym, wear shoes that are not suitable for weight training. You need good shoes that would be comfortable and safe. The ankle should be clearly fixed, in order to avoid various stretching, when performing heavy squats, leg presses, etc.

In addition, the non-slip surface of the sole and the high sides of the shoe will also help you avoid all kinds of ankle injuries. Currently, the choice of inexpensive, up to $ 100, specialized shoes for bodybuilding is enormous. Producers strive to more and more protect the athlete from injury, it is enough only to make a request to the search engine “bodybuilding shoes”, and you can easily find the pair of shoes you need for training in the gym.

A guy in running shoes runs down the treadmill in the gym
A guy in running shoes runs down the treadmill in the gym

Exercise at home

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to attend regular gym, mostly because of work and small children. However, not everything is as bad as it might seem, it is established that there is no correlation between success in power sports and the conditions where you train.

The main thing is that the exercises would be carried out in full and on technique. Therefore, provide yourself with these conditions at home, and the result will be exactly the same as if you were engaged in a gym.

Workout at work

The special allotted time, during the working day, to visit the gym, rather to treat Western countries than to Russia, as we do not yet have a well-developed understanding of fitness, a healthy lifestyle of the government.

In turn, Europe, motivating the increase in medical expenses, has been building fitness centers for its companies for 15 years, realizing that a healthy and physically developed person will suffer less and, consequently, costs for honey. help will be reduced. We hope that this will be the case in Russia one day.

There are no shortcuts to achieving large and strong muscles, with the exception of anabolic steroids, which will give a temporary effect of “bloating” and muscle relief, and at the same time, a bunch of side effects for health.

Have patience, break your training program with kettlebells for three days as indicated above. Wish to add isolating and heavy basic exercises to it, if in addition to functionality and strength endurance, you want to significantly increase muscle mass. However, this combination is very hard for the body, and at one natural training you are unlikely to manage to “catch two birds with one stone,” select one thing and follow the goal with small swords.

Complex training, including a variety of exercises, with emphasis on basic, give the best result of stimulating the growth of target muscles. When drawing up approaches, be guided by the size of the muscles, the larger it is, the more it takes time to recover, and hence it is necessary to train it on the principle of “refusal training” less often.

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