Training on an bike simulator for weight loss and increasing stamina

Bike simulator

One of the most popular and productive devices for studying at home is an exercise bike simulator. To keep yourself in shape, it is not necessary to go to the gym. It is possible to study with the same success at home, if there is time and desire. Training will be particularly effective if modern technology is used.

bike simulator for weight loss
Bike simulator for weight loss
Below we will consider what the exercise bike simulator is, how to properly do it, how to lose weight, how to prepare for training and what is the most effective training program.

Benefits of exercising on a stationary bike simulator 

Bicycle trainers became fashionable relatively recently – in the 1990s of the XX century. Before that, only professional sportsmen trained on such devices. Now they are available to almost everyone – just buy a subscription to a fitness club or buy a home exercise bike – a bike simulator.

The device belongs to the group of cardiovascular equipment. With its help, you can conduct intensive aerobic training for endurance and strengthening of the heart muscle. Read about the types of deadlift.

The use of an exercise bicycle is multifaceted:

  • Training allows you to lose weight;
  • Develop the respiratory system and heart;
  • Improve blood circulation;
  • Make the figure slim;
  • Strengthen and develop the muscles of the legs.

This device perfectly copes with its main task – burning calories and transforming fat into energy. The effectiveness of the exercise bike is very high, and the probability of injury during training is minimal. Even people who have problems with the spine and joints are allowed to practice at the bike.

The calorie consumption on the exercise bike simulator is comparable to the energy costs when practicing on a treadmill. Studies show that per hour of training in the body is processed into energy (burnt) about 500 kcal. The result of regular classes will be slender buttocks and hips, tightened and embossed calves, decorated waistline.

Advantages of an exercise bike

exercise bike
Exercise bike

Bike rides in the park will, of course, bring incomparably more aesthetic pleasure, but home training on the simulator has its advantages:

  • You can work in any weather;
  • No additional equipment is required – helmet for safety, special footwear;
  • The risk of collision and fall from the exercise bike is zero;
  • The device takes up little space;
  • The exercise bike allows you to monitor the state of the body and the effectiveness of the training.

Modern instruments are equipped with computer equipment to monitor the pulse, the number of calories burned, the “distance” traveled. The device has several modes of intensity, which allows you to competently dose the load. Exercise bike is designed in such a way that an optimal result could be achieved even by a person with minimal training.

Basic rules of training

How correctly to be engaged on an exercise bike simulator to grow thin and to make a figure harmonous? It would seem that there is nothing difficult in this – sit down and twist the pedals. However, a systematic and competent approach to employment will bring much more benefit than intensive training on a bicycle machine for mood.

The following parameters are crucial for successful studies:

  • Technique and position of the body;
  • Load range and determination of the optimal heart rate;
  • Monitoring of indicators;
  • Outfit (clothes);
  • General rules of fitness.

Let’s consider the main points in more detail.


The main criterion for a technically correct training is the position of the back during class. Do not bend the lower back too much, as many newcomers do. The back should be kept in a natural and relaxed position, a slight rounding of the shoulders is allowed.

Bike simulator
Bike simulator

Hands need to be relaxed: do not carry the main weight on them. The feet should be placed parallel to the floor, and the knees should be directed forward or slightly inward to achieve a uniform muscular load. Keep your head straight as if you are driving along the road and look ahead. And be sure to adjust the height of the seat!

Optimal load range

Exercise on a stationary bike simulator will only benefit the body if the load range matches your capabilities. During training, it is important to consider your own feelings and monitor the pulse rate. For weight loss, you should choose an average level of intensity: the pedals of the device should rotate fairly easily. If the load is increased, the training time will be shortened. To lose weight, you need to rotate the pedals for at least 30 minutes, otherwise the fat burning process will not start.

The most important indicator is the pulse rate. First you need to calculate the maximum heart rate, then find out the optimal heart rate zone, which will allow you to conduct the most effective exercises on the exercise bike for weight loss and figure correction. At the warm-up stage, the pulse should not exceed 60% of the maximum value, at the main stage of the exercise, the heart rate should correspond to 65-75% of the maximum.

Monitoring of indicators

Always monitor the pulse rate, distance traveled, and other indicators that the simulator computer provides. Experts advise to maintain a detailed log of training: this will achieve maximum productivity from training. Log the training time, the number of calories burned, your own feelings, weight readings. So you can more clearly evaluate the results of exercises.


Ideally suitable for training T-shirt and special bicycle shorts that facilitate the landing and do not interfere with the movements. Some use special gloves for tight contact with the wheel. Shoes should be with a hard sole for good fixing: slippers and Czechs for intensive rotation of pedals are not suitable. Suitable comfortable sneakers or sneakers.

General rules

These rules are known to everyone, but some of them for some reason forget:

  • Monitor breathing – breathe evenly and always through the nose;
  • Do not start without a warm-up: the joints, ligaments and muscles must be warmed before loading;
  • Do not interrupt the training drastically: do the so-called “hitch”, which helps the heart to move from the high frequency of cuts to normal;
  • Do not start the exercise if you feel unwell or weak.

The duration of training and the level of workload should correspond to the goals and physical capabilities. If you work on the simulator to lose weight, the time of one lesson should take at least 40 minutes. Be engaged to music – so trainings will not seem to you too boring.

How to prepare for training

You should choose the optimal time for classes. Focus on the biorhythms of your body. If you are a “lark”, train in the morning, if the “owl” – choose the time in the 2 nd half of the day. Do not sit on the simulator earlier than a couple of hours after sleep and later than 2 hours before night rest.

Bike simulator
Bike simulator

After a meal before exercise, too, must pass at least 90 minutes. Do not smoke, do not drink coffee, do not take medication an hour before the training. If dry mouth or thirst arises during the sessions, rinse your mouth or take one sip – large quantities of liquid are not recommended.

Begin with a warm-up: in it should be involved those muscle groups that will work. Do a complex consisting of squats, slopes, warm-up muscles and joints of the shoulder girdle. You can massage and rub the knee joints, because they have the main load during the rotation of the pedals. Do not forget about stretching the muscles of the lower extremities.

Training program

The main condition for successful bicycle training is regularity. You can start from classes for 20 minutes, gradually increasing the duration to 45 minutes, and then to 60. The frequency of training – at least 3-4 times a week.

There are two types of loads: uniform and interval. Uniform loading implies the same tempo throughout the whole session, with interval – intensive rotation of the pedals alternates with a quiet pace. Practice shows that it is the interval training on the stationary bike simulator that provides the most optimal result for correcting the figure and stabilizing the weight.

The approximate scheme of interval training:

  1. 5-10 minutes – warm-up (rotate the pedals in a comfortable mode, simultaneously stretching their hands).
  2. Acceleration for 30 seconds – maintain an average pace and control breathing.
  3. The maximum intensive load for 30 seconds – maintain the fastest rate within the permissible load range.
  4. Alternate a calm phase and an intense stage several times.
  5. 10-15 minutes – a hitch.

This pace allows you to reduce the total time of classes and achieve a more pronounced effect.


Even if you are absolutely healthy, consultation with a doctor before bike simulator training will not be superfluous. At the first lessons, carefully watch your feelings. If there is nausea, shortness of breath, pain in the heart, dizziness, exercise should be stopped.

Contraindications to the load on the stationary bike are:

  • Hypertension 2 and 3 stages;
  • Cardiovascular failure;
  • Angina pectoris and ischemic disease;
  • Asthma;
  • Thrombophlebitis;
  • Tachycardia;
  • Diabetes mellitus in the phase of exacerbation;
  • Oncological diseases.

Do not start training, if you have a cold, have infectious diseases, feel weakness or pain in the joints and spine. If you have untreated trauma, stretch, bruise, use protective equipment – compression bandages, special tape to fix.

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