Types of deadlift and proper execution technique

deadlift to pump musles

In this article we will try to tell about all the nuances of such, without exaggeration, cultic exercise, as a deadlift. Surely everyone who is somehow connected with iron, or was connected, knows about it firsthand. Before you start to practice, you need to learn how to do stanovuyu traction correctly.

deadlift to pump musles
Deadlift to pump musles

It would seem that you can still write about the deadlift? The Internet is literally full of detailed information. But all of it is some kind of pattern and monotonous. Like, stanovaya is a powerful tool in building your athletic build, without it you will not grow anything and so on. Let’s try to find the truth.

First the theory

We want it or not, but it’s necessary to start with a boring theory, which is full on the Internet. Static traction is a multi-joint (basic) traction exercise that is performed with dumbbells, barbells or weights and employs about 75% of all the muscles in a person. Actively, more or less, only three muscles are active: extensors of the back, biceps femoris and buttocks. The rest of the muscles experience, to some extent, a static load. This quadriceps, latissimus, biceps, triceps, trapezium, calves, muscles of the press, and of course the forearms.

Now, directly about how to properly perform a deadlift with the barbell.

Initial position:

  • Stand close to the bar. Put the feet at the width of the shoulders parallel to each other. In this case, the socks should protrude slightly forward for the bar of the rod.
  • The view is directed upwards. The back is straight. The blades are collapsed.
  • Keep your back straight, bend your knees and grab the bar with a straight grip slightly wider than your shoulders.

Technique of execution:

  • Take a deep breath.
  • On exhalation smoothly lift the bar, straightening both the trunk and legs.
  • Then, smoothly start moving the bar back down. The neck should move vertically along the shins. The blades remain folded, the back is straight.
  • After the vulture passes the line of the knees, sit down and touch the pancakes with the floor.


The most optimal number of repetitions in this exercise for one approach is 6-8 in an ideal technique (very smoothly, no jerking in any phase of the exercise). The main thing is the correct execution of the deadlift, and then everything else. Rounding your back is forbidden! If you keep your back flat and arched during all repetitions fails, then you took too much weight and it must be reduced. Also, to avoid injury, it is strongly recommended to use a special belt. Read the article about exercises with fitball.

deadlift to pump musles
Deadlift to pump musles

Beginners and especially girls are more suited to deadlift with dumbbells. Its advantage is that you can use less weight, and also have dumbbells on the sides, thereby leveling the center of gravity. The requirements for the technique of execution do not change.

Basic views

It was about the classical camp, but it has several options. There are the following types of deadlift:

  1. Classical (weightlifting);
  2. Traction in the style of “sumo” (elevator);
  3. Dead (it’s also Romanian);
  4. Thrust rod.


If your goal is to build a beautiful athletic physique, then it’s best to use a foot placement on the width of the shoulders. This technique of performing the deadlift helps to work out all the muscles participating in the work in full amplitude, which will create the most positive conditions for their hypertrophy (growth and subsequent increase in volume). The classic version of the deadlift is one of the main disciplines in power triathlon (powerlifting) and power extreme. In bodybuilding and fitness is used mainly as a training of the muscles of the back and is considered the main exercise for this muscle group.


If you are doing powerlifting, then to raise the maximum weight is best to use a very wide setting of the legs. This embodiment is a deadlift “sumo” or “lift”. This setting of the legs helps to take as much weight as possible, since the amplitude of motion is significantly reduced. But not all “lifters” use this option.


A fairly common version of deadlift is the Romanian deadlift (it is also dead). This is an embodiment where the legs in the knee joint do not bend or slightly bend due to the anatomical features of the person who performs this exercise. This is a more focused exercise than the usual deadlift. It is considered to be one of the most important exercises for the hamstring, as the back extensors in this version receive significantly less stress, compared with the “classics”. Usually people who are engaged in bodybuilding or fitness perform it on the day of leg training, as an exercise to work out the hamstrings. In powerlifting, the deadlift on the straight legs is not used because the weight in the exercise is used very limited, since this is a less basic exercise.

Thrip-rod traction

A very interesting variant of the execution of the deadlift is the thrust of the trape rod. The design of the trap neck is very distinctive and is a hexagonal frame with parallel handles. This is an excellent option for those who are engaged in bodybuilding or fitness. Thrust with the use of a trap-neck is less traumatic than a deadlift with a barbell, since the load on the waist is minimal. It can be a substitute for classic sit-ups for those who can not carry out a squat on the shoulders in view of injuries. Naturally, for “lifters” and other siloviki is not recommended, since the competition only pulls with a direct stamp.

Grab the finger

The most common, especially among amateurs and beginners, is direct grip. He maximally loads the forearms, thereby training the strength of the grip. But that the brush is not unclenched when using large weights, athletes use auxiliary equipment, for example, straps for deadlift, and also apply other types of grips.

To take a lot of weight, and most often among professionals, “raznochvat” is used, that is, a mixed grip, when one hand is aimed at the palm to itself, and the other – from itself. This method allows you to greatly reduce the likelihood of slipping the neck from your hands. However, there is a torque that imperceptibly has a negative effect on the spine, so you should be especially careful.

Female deadlift to pump musles
Female deadlift to pump musles

Hvat in the “lock” or “weightlifting” is different in that the thumbs are clamped between the remaining fingers and the neck of the bar, acting by analogy with the straps. Often, this grip causes pain, which is why it is rarely used.

The role of exercise in bodybuilding

Let’s talk about the value of deadlift for those who are engaged in building a beautiful body. If for all “siloviki” this exercise is irreplaceable, since this is one of the main disciplines, then in bodybuilding, its role is too exaggerated. Classic pulling is called the main exercise for the muscles of the back, but this is not at all the case.

Here it is necessary to take into account that bodybuilding is a sport where all muscular groups are carefully studied. The main goal in bodybuilding in terms of development of the back muscles is to increase their width and thickness. This role is accounted for by rod pull in the slope and wide pulls. And the extensors of the back also receive a very large static load when the bar rod is tilted. The base can only be performed as an auxiliary exercise to the two above, but to consider it as the main one is an error.

Stretching and pull rod in the slope – this is also multi-joint basic exercises, but they more accurately work out the muscles of the back. Therefore, in your training, becoming cravings should be performed only after careful elaboration of the broadest ones, since these are the main muscles of the back, which load only statically, and this is not enough for an impressive view of your back.

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