What equipment do you need in the gym?

equipment in the gym

The article will be useful to all people who decided to go to the gym, but do not know how to prepare for it, what to take with them, what accessories to put in a sports bag, what kind of clothes to change and much more.

A healthy, sporty way of life, which implies under itself, regular visits to the gym, a healthy diet, every possible improvement of the body’s physical capabilities (fitness, pilates, fitball, yoga and much more), has entered the everyday rhythm of man, for the last ten years.

For our part, we very much hope, and we will do everything for this, so that an active lifestyle becomes not just a fashion, because any fashion sooner or later passes, but part of the life of modern man.

What do you need for the gym?

So, you decided to take care of yourself, your figure, go to the gym. We list the most important points, which are worth paying attention to when visiting the gym.


The principle of choosing clothes for the gym lies in convenience and comfort, and then your style.

T-shirts, T-shirts, and the rest of the clothes from cotton fabric, absorbs sweat well, which means you do not have to wipe yourself with a towel every five minutes (if you sweat quickly).

Shoes should sit well on your leg, clearly fix the ankle. In sports stores, sold a huge amount of shoes designed for the gym (sneakers, sneakers). Do not put shale in the gym, your leg will be open, the probability of injury increases, in addition, they are slippery!

For girls

Tightening shorts, pants ( leggings ) are ideal for training in the gym. If you are shy of your figure, then put something spacious and light, but of natural materials. The jacket isdesirable to be worn without sleeves, so the sweat under the armpits will not be visible.

The girl in short sports shorts and blue tops crouches with a bar from a bar
The girl in short sports shorts and blue tops crouches with a bar from a bar

For the guys

It all depends on your goals in the gym, most often it is of course to pump up muscles. To build muscle, you need, above all, comfortable clothes, pants, you will not be suitable, simply because it is not convenient for them to crouch with a bar or make a deadlift. Of course, if your goal is to pump up the top of the body, then you pants will not interfere.

When choosing shoes, it is also not worth much obsessing. For a beginner, unlike an advanced athlete who uses various bolts, boots for deadlift, conventional sport sneakers, creak-shirts, which can be bought at any sports shop, will do. As for the top, then for your personal taste, with sleeveless tank tops, as well as thick, synthetic T-shirts do not wear, quickly begin to sweat.

A guy in dark sports shorts and a red shirt jumps with a barbell
A guy in dark sports shorts and a red shirt jumps with a barbell

More and more popularity is gained by a new synthetic polyester material, which is used in the production of sportswear. He recommended himself on the good side, as a safe, durable material. It is worth trying to buy, if you have the desire and financial capabilities.

In any case, no matter what shoes and clothes you choose, you should feel in it well, comfortably, not compulsorily, precisely in the place for which you buy it. Read the article about the complex of strength exercises.

Gloves for the gym

Gloves, both for guys and girls, the accessory is individual. If you are prone to calluses, then you are more likely to need to acquire them. In general, over time your skin adapts to the “gland” and you can comfort yourself without gloves.

A sports girl is engaged on a glove box trainer
A sports girl is engaged on a glove box trainer

Sports bag for training

A bag for a gym is a must (do not wake up with the package!). Spacious, with numerous sections, a reliable bag made of quality material, ideal for active sports.

Pay attention to the locks, they must be reliable and easy to close. Preference is given to bags made of polyester polyurethane and tarpaulin.

If you have the opportunity, then visit any specialized sports shop, in which more than enough to choose clothes and accessories for the gym for every taste. If you do not have such an opportunity, then pick up from your wardrobe, something acceptable, based on our advice.

Sports bag for fitness workouts
Sports bag for fitness workouts

Also, it is worth noting, just a huge selection of clothes and shoes on the Internet for bodybuilding and fitness. A large number of online stores offer excellent quality clothes and bags for the gym. Of course, among them there are leaders ( brands ) in sales, among them are:

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Reebok
  • GASP

Bottle of water

In your training bag, be sure to put clean water. You need to drink water always in strength training, otherwise, you will have dehydration, this will cause a violation of water-electrolytebalance in the body. Electrolytes conduct nerve impulses, through which commands are transmitted from the brain to the muscles (the stronger the impulse, the greater the strength a person exerts), and as you understand, when dehydrating the body, it will be very difficult to train.

Girl is drinking clean water from a bottle in the gym
Girl is drinking clean water from a bottle in the gym

Training diary

A must-have accessory to all newcomers in the gym. Get a training diary in which note all your changes that occur in your body, well-being, volume of legs, arms, chest, weight (measure at one time, without clothes).

Describe in your diary your training program on days and weeks, mark in it the approachesand repetitions made so as not to get confused in the future, and also with what working weight worked on the bar, with what intensity, how difficult or easy it was to perform the exercises.

Notepad for recording the training process in the gym
Notepad for recording the training process in the gym

Preparing the gastrointestinal tract for training

For 1-2 hours, you should eat well, supply your body with ” fuel ” before training. Why exactly for 1-2 hours ? The fact is that the digestive system needs time to digest food. If you go for 15-30 minutes, you will just have a hard time training, and you will feel the heaviness in your stomach.

As already mentioned, for 1-2 hours, you eat, mainly protein-carbohydrate food, vessels enter, rice, potatoes, meat, fish, salads, juice, fruit. If your body type is inclined to a set of excess weight, then exclude (if possible) the consumption of fast carbohydrates, and vice versa, if you have a fast metabolism, you need, among other things, to be loaded with still sweet (for energy).

Before the training, usually 30 minutes before it, athletes drink pre-training complexes, BCAA and other sports nutrition, in order to prepare your body, nervous system, for intense physical activity.

In turn, newcomers in the gym, especially those who are just about to go there, are not recommended to drink these sports supplements, for a very simple reason, your body is not yet accustomed to specific power loads, has not entered the training rhythm.

Exercise 3-6 months, without using sports supplements in your diet, and then you can already and even need to take them to achieve the best result.

A glass of orange juice, a centimeter tape, a green salad with tomatoes, green dumbbells
A glass of orange juice, a centimeter tape, a green salad with tomatoes, green dumbbells

Music for exercising in the gym

In the gym, usually, music is almost always played. She can be a native, that is, the owner of the hall puts his music for visitors, and can play, and “on demand”, a severe “rolling”, can put his music and train under it, or by the principle of who took the first mp3 player with speakers, addition, and music, everyone in the gym is on his own.

But as everyone knows, music is a matter of taste, and if one likes rap, and another rock, and jazz plays in general, there may be a misunderstanding among visitors to the gym. In such cases, the problem is solved elementary, each takes its own  headphones with the player.

The athlete runs around the treadmill with headphones in his ears
The athlete runs around the treadmill with headphones in his ears

Motivation for the gym

And the last thing you need to take with you to the gym is motivation, a spirit for training. Without a certain, fighting spirit, it will be very difficult for you to concentrate on the approaches in the exercises.

Motivation, determines our success, whoever it is stronger, the faster will win its laziness, its weaknesses and shortcomings. No attitude – no result.

It happens that minor problems in the family, at work, can knock down motivation, spoil the mood, but you have to go to training, and put on it. In this case, there may be a failure in the system, because our physical condition, directly depends on our psyche. The solution to this problem consists in abstracting everything from everyday problems, rubbish, troubles and other stresses.

Those who learn to be distracted, retuned to work in the gym, they will achieve results, success. After all, those people who have achieved a lot in bodybuilding and fitness, who may have motivated you to the gym, they are all alive, and they have the same problems as you, and they were able to achieve heights in sports, why then you you can not?

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