What Is The Dosage For Testosterone Cypionate?

testosterone cypionate dosage

testosterone cypionate cycle dosageTestosterone Cypionate is the longest known form of testosterone to date. For sports purposes, the male hormone is used for a long time, not only men but also women. Thanks to the reception of Testosterone Cypionate, there is a significant increase in the basic physiological parameters, which invariably affects the improvement of the results obtained during training.

The active substance is cleaved and enters the blood gradually. This “behavior” of the steroid minimizes the number of injections, which is quite convenient. If we consider the enanthate and cypionate, these forms of testosterone may well replace each other, and are available only in the form of injections.

How To Take Testosterone Cypionate Dosage?

The optimal frequency of injection of Testosterone Cypionate is considered to be once every seven days. Prolonged action of the substance allows you to take the steroid less often, but such a scheme of injections does not provide an optimally high level of hormone concentration. Athletes seeking to gain muscle mass, it is necessary to focus on the daily dosage of Testosterone Cypionate in 250-500 mg.

Dosage of Testosterone Cypionate for Solo Cycle

Solo cycles allow you to get high results. They are perfect for beginners athletes who do not need to take additional drugs. It should be understood that an increase in the optimal dosage of Testosterone Cypionate over 800 mg will not allow for a more pronounced anabolic effect, but the chances of side effects will increase.

Dosage of Testosterone Cypionate for Combined Cycle

Combined cycles are largely identical to solos. Testosterone Cypionate is best combined with Nandrolone Decanoate. The dosage of both drugs is about 200 mg per week. To block estrogenic effects allows receiving Tamoxifen. It is used from the second week of the cycle of 10 mg every day and finish using fourteen days after the abolition of cypionate. To normalize the secretion of own testosterone, during the cycle take Proviron, later replaced by Tamoxifen.

dosage of testosterone cypionate


The phenomenon of rollback after the cancellation of the cycle of Testosterone Cypionate can not be completely prevented, but the gained muscle mass, regardless of this, remains at a sufficiently qualitative level. Reviews say that the side effects of the drug, with the exception of high fluid accumulation, almost never occur. Testosterone Cypionate is a worthy competitor to enanthate and is very effective.

Most professional bodybuilders combine Testosterone Cypionate with other drugs, but this approach is not recommended for beginners because it increases the possibility of side effects. There are no leaders among the producers of this testosterone, but preference should be given to American and European manufacturers, but they often belittle the dosage and overstate the cost.

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